Read what current Bowen practitioners say about the Bowen Technique.

"The thing that I love about my job is when the person on my couch responds and they don't even know they have until they get up off the couch but I saw them respond!"
Tina Machell

"I had a 15yr old boy with major problems with his bowling arm for cricket. At the end of the treatment he said... "My arm has never felt so good and free, that treatment is wow" that's why I love doing Bowen for the last 10 years and it happens with clients everyday. You can only smile when doing Bowen."
Alicia Peace

The Bowen Technique

"I love having the Amazing tool at my fingertips to help others feel better! I especially love being able to help my family with their aches and pains."
Liz Blythe

"I love that I've never advertised Bowen - the people I've treated successfully are doing that job for me!!!"
Lynora Kennedy

"Watching clients come in with a physical complaint but watching their mood lighten with each session...walking in at weeks 2 and 3 with a grin and a spring in their step!"
Mena Lee

The Bowen Technique

"What Bowen means to me. 
B = balance 
O = ok for all ‪
W = WOW 
E =energy/ enlightenment ‪
N = new

‪Day one of the Bowen world inspired me to be grateful for such a gift from Tom Bowen .each day I am enriched and fulfilled supporting people to feel healthy and happy."
Joanne Hewitt

"Bowen has taken me on an amazing learning journey that has transformed my life."
Maria Nortcliffe

The Bowen Technique

"When a 14 year old boy with asthma tells you they have 'never been able to take a deep breath like that, ever'. Peak flow goes from average of 250 to just over 400 in 2 treatments."
Sally Mason

The Bowen Technique

"Bowen has given me the opportunity to learn the skills to transform people's lives."
Joy Whitehead