Do you have a background in healthcare but feel in a rut? Are you looking to branch away from the norm and explore new healthcare avenues? Perhaps you have no prior knowledge of healthcare whatsoever but are developing a growing interest in complementary health, are caring by nature, want to make a difference in people’s lives and are looking for a new and rewarding career opportunity? If you tick any of these boxes, training as a practitioner in Bowen Therapy could well be exactly what you are looking for.

Bowen Therapy has been around for many years now and is growing exponentially in popularity due to its high success rate in the treatment of multiple conditions, injuries and ailments across young and old alike. With clients frequently feeling benefits after just one treatment and full recovery not unknown after a course of just three treatments, it is hardly surprising that Bowen Therapy is proving so popular.

With training taking no longer than a year to become a fully accredited Bowen therapist, transitioning to Bowen Therapy as a career move is simple – so long as you give it due thought beforehand.

Below we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips to help you on your journey to becoming a Bowen therapist.

Tips for Starting a Career in Bowen Therapy

  1. Goals

Be clear from the outset what you want to achieve before signing up for any course in Bowen Therapy. Take the time to learn about this style of technique and the benefits it offers. This ensures you feel confident it can help the patients you treat. You can often take sample courses and get a taste for what Bowen Therapy is like before fully committing to becoming fully accredited.

  1. Time

If you want to become a fully accredited practitioner, consider carefully the time commitment this will entail, your availability for follow-on modules, and how you are going to fund it. Professional training takes time, both in attending courses and personal learning. So, plan ahead, be committed from the outset and ensure you have time dedicated for training in Bowen Therapy.

  1. Basic Knowledge

It is rare for any course provider to have any pre-requisites as regards to prior training or knowledge but given Bowen Therapy deals with the human body in its entirety, some grounding in anatomical terms may come in useful as courses are taught using correct clinical terminology including Latin names for muscles amongst other things. If you want to be ahead of the game, the team here at the College of Bowen Studies we can help offer guidance on the best books and resources to help you get started.

  1. Long-Term Thinking

If this is going to be a new career venture for you, be clear what your aspirations are and where you think you are heading. Are you looking to set up in independent, self-employed practice for example? If so, there will be lots of questions to ask about tax, National Insurance contributions, liability insurance, business records and expenses to name but a few. Be ahead of the game and have the answers before you start your training. A career in Bowen Therapy holds excellent and exciting prospects not just for you but also for your future clients in terms of the health benefits they will reap at your magic touch! So be informed from the outset.

  1. Professional Support

Join a professional association: this will testify to your intent as a practitioner and instil confidence in your clients that you have (a) provided proof of competency (b) agreed to comply with any code of ethics or practice and any code of complaints procedures and (c) that you are working at least at the expected level of good practice in Bowen Therapy.

Learn More with The College of Bowen Studies

Bowen Therapy is unique as a complementary medicine: not only does it afford deep and lasting relief to sufferers from all manner of conditions, ailments, and injuries but it is also officially recognised by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, a regulatory body which ensures national standards are met in complementary healthcare.

You need no specific qualifications to train as a Bowen Therapist, simply a willingness to learn, a passion for helping others and a desire to be part of an amazing therapy. Once you have completed your training, you really do have a career for life, particularly if you intend to be self-employed: you can choose hours to suit you, adapt them as necessary and work full or part-time. With equipment being minimal, you can also decide on an on-going basis whether to work from your own home or in a client’s preferred location. You will meet new and interesting people each day and your work life will never be dull and uninspiring ever again.

At The College of Bowen Studies, we pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism and the courses we offer. We consciously keep our class sizes small to ensure each participant receives ample teacher supervision whilst practising and mastering the Bowen moves on fellow students. Our courses are highly practical and hands-on whilst at the same time furnishing in-depth tuition and plenty of time for a detailed study of the Bowen technique. Our teachers are not only experienced and busy practitioners themselves but, with over 300 hours of Bowen Teacher Training behind them, are some of the most qualified teachers of Bowen Therapy across the whole of Europe.

To find out more who we are and the courses we offer, please contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you ignite your career through training as a Bowen Therapist.