After 30 years plodding away at learning, teaching, learning more teaching and still learning the thing that we all call The Bowen Technique, I find that there is still a lack of general knowledge out there about Bowen.  I would say that most therapists or those I meet in professional situations are aware of the existence of the technique, even if they know little about it.  But for the general public, there is still a long way to go.  The last three years have seen me step back from Bowen, hoping that a new injection of my own type stupid might help to inspire and push Bowen forward.  A divorce, a passion for a new type of anatomy and a desire to spend time studying, together with a fatigue that over 20 years of doing the same thing can engender, meant that I needed some perspective.  My sincere hope that a new broom would sweep away the cobwebs was sadly not forthcoming and I was naive in my optimism and misplaced in my faith in others’ vision.

Three years later however,  still with a mountain to climb, I am ready for the challenge and ready to get the Bowen tyres inflated.  Over the next 18 months I will be taking Bowen on the road, travelling up and down the country and even around the world to tell my version of what Bowen is and how I have been working with it for the last 30 years.  My knowledge gleaned from dissection, from an understanding of scientific principles and from reading a huge amount of papers that baffle me, have led me to some conclusions.  If you can’t explain what you are talking about simply, you probably don’t understand it.

The number of times I have sat and listened to people throw buzz words around and write jargon filled paragraphs for the sake of using words, has left me with a deep dislike of explanations that are convoluted and complex.  Things for the most part are very simple and my goal is to bring that logic and simplicity to bear when talking and discussing Bowen.  That’s not to say I can’t get complicated when it’s called for.  Bring me a scientist or a surgeon and crank the handle.  Most people want to understand why they have pain, why it doesn’t go away, and what they can do about it.  That’s relatively easy to explain.

So if you want me, call me.  I will come and talk to your clients, your colleagues, your institute or sport club, your conference or AGM, you name it.  My passion is Bowen and it has been for decades.  Grab a bit and hang on!