Talking Confidently About Bowen

Sarah is one of our newest tutors here at CBS, and she believes that one of the key elements to growing a successful therapy business is not just about knowing the moves for your therapy, but about being able to talk confidently about yourself and about what you do. But how do you do that when the idea of talking to someone leaves you feeling slightly queasy, hot and uncomfortable, and ready to make a run for the door? Sarah explains how a change in mindset might just hold the answer…

You might well be a natural-born speaker and feel supremely confident about selling yourself and what you do, in which case great, you don’t need to read any further! However, for most of us, especially if we are new to complementary therapies, talking confidently about what we do is a skill that does not come naturally or feel comfortable. We often assume that talking to people means that we have to sell Bowen and sell ourselves – something we find embarrassing and uncomfortable! Feeling like this is completely normal, but unfortunately, we do need to be able to grow our businesses by ‘selling’ what we do otherwise how will we make any money? I believe that there is a way can get around this, and all it requires is a change in mindset. Let me explain.

Become an Ambassador

I used to dread talking about my work as a therapist, convinced that the objective of that conversation was to persuade someone to have a treatment with me; it used to make me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it! But, all that has changed now I think of myself as an Ambassador for Bowen – someone who represents and promotes Bowen for the benefit of all Bowen therapists.  With my Ambassador’s hat on the pressure to sell is off and the joy of talking about something I love is foremost in mind; I could talk to people about the benefits of Bowen and complementary therapies generally all day long! The only goal I have is for that person to go away with a more open mind and with the hope that they will want to try Bowen for themselves or tell other people about it. And although it would be lovely if that led to a treatment being booked with me, I genuinely don’t mind who they book that treatment with, whether that’s a therapist around the corner or one up in Glasgow, whether the booking is made tomorrow or in a couple of years time.

Changing my mindset and thinking of myself as an Ambassador has helped me to feel more confident in my ability to talk to people about Bowen, and about me.  I no longer dread the thought of having to talk to people and, whereas before I would cringe at the thought of handing strangers a business card or taking contact details so that I could follow our conversation up, I now do both with relative ease.  I HATE being a salesperson, but I LOVE being an Ambassador! As an Ambassador I get to talk to people about something I’m passionate about and to fulfil my belief that the more that people hear about Bowen, the more familiar people become with it, the more likely they are to try it, and the busier as Bowen therapists we will all be.

So, if you’re struggling with talking confidently about Bowen then why not try changing your mindset and think of yourself as an Ambassador for Bowen?  I’d love to know how you get on!


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You can find more tips on how to talk confidently about your work as a therapist and on how to grow your therapy business the way you want to in Sarah’s book, Growing Your Therapy Business which is available as an e-book from Amazon.