Online Therapy Courses.

For further development, the College of Bowen Studies offers other online courses, including ‘Identifying Flags in Complementary Health Care’, designed by Michelle Watson and Julian Baker specifically to help complementary therapists to identify certain situations where more information or further action is needed.

The tutorial is available for £45.00 and you can find out more information clicking on the below button.

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As the top search for Bowen on google, our website is the best place to easily advertise your clinic. Sign up now and be added by the end of the month.

(Please note, we regularly perform random checks on listing to ensure practitioners qualified status, however it is recommended you ALWAYS perform your own checks when booking an appointment)

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Module 5 as CPD.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Lockdown this year and for a lot of us this has meant time away from clients. We are now offering Day 1 & 2 of Module 5 as CPD for qualified practitioners. Have the full 2 day recap with Julian to boost your confidence before heading back into clinic – without the stress of the exam and practical at the end! 

Get in touch with Cara now to book onto the next Module 5 with Julian, Jo & Colin.

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CBS Leaflets.

100 – £15 inc postage

Online Masterclass Videos.

Julian Baker has been producing Bowen ‘Masterclass’ videos for practitioners and students for several years now. These videos can be accessed via Julian’s online subscription website , online bowen for just £45 for an annual subscription. In these videos he explores Bowen moves around a variety for procedures in great detail, including the anatomy and theory surrounding what it is we are doing.

Need a refresher for the shoulder move? Want to see how to work the TMJ? Check out the video using below button for more details.

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