Statement from Julian Baker

In 1995, alongside Louise Atwill, I laid the foundation for what would become a cornerstone in Bowen technique training—forming a company, initially named Bowtech and later evolving into The European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS).  We built Bowen from scratch in the UK, Europe, Iceland and Scandinavia, designing the modular training system, training teachers to a consistently high standard and constantly promoting and writing about Bowen.  As a result of our efforts, Bowen became the success story that it is today with both of us working incredibly long hours for many years to make it so.

A unique logo was designed that symbolised the way we understood and explained the technique—a blade of grass with a droplet of water balancing finely on its tip, with a ripple of water underneath. Nature in Balance. To me it personified the meaning of the technique and perfectly visually described it.  It is something that has travelled alongside me through the years and has been a consistent and personal presence for thirty years.  It represents the Bowen move and my personal life, as well today as it ever did.

For it to be casually walked off with and used, without my permission in any way, is breathtakingly disrespectful.  Even if someone did believe that they had some right to its use, my persistent requests to stop, should have clarified this.

CBS Ltd was registered in 2019 by myself, Julian Baker, along with Colin Murray and Jo Wortley as a vehicle to advance the Bowen Technique teaching in the UK, after it had seen some difficulties. Despite drafting a shareholder’s agreement which clarified the immutable truth—that all pre-existing and future intellectual property (IP) rights remain with me—the agreement lingered unsigned, leaving the legal landscape unchanged and my ownership rights undiluted. The logo and name was in existence before the formation of CBS Ltd and rights to its continued use remain solely with me.

Fast forward to November 2022; both Jo and Colin resigned, in writing from their directorial positions citing personal reasons,  agreeing to fulfil their teaching obligations. What unfolded next was a period marked by silence and stagnation, breached only by my attempts to reignite dialogue, offers for mediation, and overt attempts to steer clear of conflict—all met with a total refusal to engage in any way.  This is all a matter of record.

My resignation in May 2023 in the face of resolute  was in order to continue my life’s work in developing and disseminating Bowen and in the face of inaction.  It was only at this point, that the previous personal reasons vanished and Jo and Colin decided they would continue to teach after all.

Their decision to persist under the misapprehension they could unlawfully lay claim to my name, logo, and legacy, is misguided. I have written on many occasions, asking them to cease from the use of the name College of Bowen Studies and in particular the use of my logo which has incredible sentimental value, as well as enormous longevity in the industry. They have ignored every email.  In December 2023 Colin and Jo illegally applied for a trademark to register the droplet of water logo under their name.

It is incredibly sad that they have decided to launch their fledgling teaching career on a foundation of actions and statements that are untrue, unethical and illegal whilst all the while refusing to communicate. Their actions have regrettably, left me no recourse but to defend my life’s work through legal avenues, despite my steadfast wish to see them thrive independently, and having offered assistance to them to do so.  Bowen has no need for any further division or rancour and this continued and deliberate unpleasantness and illegal action that damage the reputation of the technique, for personal reasons that can only be guessed at, is little short of abhorrent.

I have remained and still remain, fully committed to open dialogue, communication and to find a way through any issues that any of us might have, but will not stand by and allow anyone with a personal vendetta, however troubled they may be, to undermine three decades of relentless dedication.

In the meantime it should be made absolutely clear that CBS Ltd have no authority to issue any certificates, offer accreditation or offer any training under the name of College of Bowen Studies.  Any use of the water droplet logo with or without the College of Bowen Studies name,  is unlawful. Furthermore any certificates issued by CBS Ltd showing this logo or any part of it, are invalid and have been issued fraudulently and under false pretences.  Students receiving a certificate not signed by me may not use the name, logo, colours or other branding and may not state that or suggest that they have been accredited by CBS, as indeed they have not.

It should also be noted that claims of accreditation on the website of CBS Ltd are, as I understand it questionable at best. BTPA and FHT have in the past required teaching qualifications as part of the accreditation process. To the best of my knowledge, no CBS Ltd teachers are in possession of such documentation.

Legal action has been commenced solely in order to preserve the integrity of a brand that I personally launched and have been associated with for nearly thirty years and which represents the essence of my entire life’s work. CBS Ltd’s continued infringement constitutes ‘passing off,’ a grave misrepresentation and breach of UK law, against which I am compelled to act, ensuring that truth and the legacy of what I started, is maintained.

Julian Baker — Principal Instructor, College of Bowen Studies. (ECBS Ltd)