Canine Studies.

The School of Bowen Canine Therapy.

The College of Bowen Studies has teamed up with Pennie Clayton and Maddy Freeman at the School of Canine Bowen Therapy for those interested in canine Bowen training. The syllabus, course outlines, facilities and experience all match the CBS Bowen training criteria.

You must complete at least Module 1 in the human Bowen course with us before you can join the canine training. Your full canine practitioner certificate will be awarded on completion of the entire human and canine Bowen courses.

Entry Requirements.

Students will need to have completed the first module of a human Bowen course before they can start working with dog – they can complete the whole course, and sit the final exams, but will not receive their certificate of qualification until they have qualified in the human Bowen course first.

Students will be required to complete a series case studies which will add up to a total of 60 treatments. These will be split up into two sets. The first 10 case studies of 3 treatments per dog will need to be completed and received before starting level 2a, and the second set of case studies will need to be completed and received 2 weeks before level 3. These will need to be written up and presented so they can be evaluated and assessed, and will contribute to the final exam. Students will receive comprehensive feedback and advice on all case studies presented.

2 written individual assignments are also required, and in addition, we ask the students to do a group assignment which all members of the group are asked to contribute to.

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