About the College.

The College of Bowen Studies.

The College of Bowen Studies has been providing outstanding practitioner training for over 25 years in the UK and Europe. Our accessible courses allow students to explore this gentle and non-invasive, hands on technique in a fun, informative educational environment.

Over the years we have trained over 4000 practitioners who have enjoyed using the Bowen Technique either as a part time or full time career or as a way of helping their friends and family. Are you looking for a change of direction to help people become more comfortable in their bodies, relieve their pain and increase their mobility? Then Bowen could be for you.

Our fresh approach to the anatomy of the human body has been the reason for the popularity of the Bowen Technique. We have also made the training process very accessible financially, fitting neatly into busy lives supported by excellent tutors and backed up by continuing study into the way that Bowen works.

Our Approach.

Our training approach is to lead everyone gently into a clear understanding of The Bowen Technique, its theory and practical application.

Our classes are very hands-on and give plenty of opportunity for practise and application. Students are actively encouraged to ask questions and challenge what they are being taught. CBS teachers are already experienced Bowen practitioners before becoming tutors. They receive over 400 hours of training to become CBS Bowen teachers and all hold additional teaching qualifications.

Everything you need to know about becoming a Bowen practitioner will be given to you over the course of our clearly laid out and easy to follow course syllabus. Additionally there is a wealth of student support tools, from videos to books and other resources.

Support exists at every stage and across our teaching programme. You will have the personal emails and phone numbers of all the teachers, including the principal instructor and you are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to reach out for support whenever you need it.

Please feel free to call our team on 01225 941077 with any questions you may have.

Latest News and Industry Insights.

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Why leaving the room is important. Fundamental to the Bowen Technique are the breaks and for me there is no Bowen without the breaks; they are the thing that makes the difference to the client, the therapis and the therapy.  But why? First and [...]

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Growing up with Bowen

It’s a strange thing to realise as an adult that the experiences you thought were perfectly normal growing up were in fact - not that normal. You mean all children aren’t covered in an apple cider vinegar soaked tea towel and cling film when [...]

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