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The College of Bowen Studies 1 day workshop is perfect for you if you have ever thought of doing the full Bowen practitioner training. See below for the dates we currently have available or register your interest!

It is natural to have fears or worries about training in something new.

The most common one we hear is ” I have no background in anatomy or therapies”. That isn’t a problem. Over 80% of our new students have little or no anatomy knowledge.

This workshop has given lots potential students the confidence to go and start their full practitioner training. All your worries, concerns and questions will be answered.

It will give you a great insight into how we teach, the resources we use and how interesting Bowen is. More importantly, you will have fun while learning this incredible hands on therapy.

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One-Day Introduction to Bowen – £85.

Includes £50 discount against Module 1.

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Beth Crabb & Jun Chow

A fantastic introduction to training in the Bowen Technique from the UK’s original and most successful Bowen College.

If you have ever thought about training in the Bowen Technique, then this workshop is a must!

This one-day workshop is perfect for those considering training to become a Bowen Therapist, or wishing to learn some Bowen moves to benefit friends and family. It has provided many potential students with the confidence to embark upon their full practitioner training. You will have the opportunity to meet your Tutor, ask questions and understand more about what is involved in learning this remarkable technique. It will give you a great insight into how we teach, the resources we use and how fascinating Bowen really is. More importantly, you will have fun while learning an incredible hands-on therapy that has the potential to change lives!

Contact the individual tutor for more information.

Colin Murray 07590 289359 colin@thebowentechnique.com

Jo Wortley 07855 734877 jo@thebowentechnique.com

Kate Atack 07917 833394 kate@thebowentechnique.com

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The Workshop.

Although it is only a 1 day workshop, we do get through a lot of work. You will learn the theory behind the Bowen Technique as well as how to do a full body treatment.

Student feedback is always that they learned far more than they thought they would in just 1 day and many feel confident enough to practice what they have learnt on family members.

The cost for this workshop is only £85, however, if you then go on to book your module 1 practitioner training you will receive a £50 discount.

Places on these workshops are limited to a maximum of 12. You can book your place online by clicking the book now button.

If you are interesting in attending a 1 Day Workshop in your area please register your interest below.

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