Julian Baker introduced the technique to the UK in 1992 on his return from Australia where he had learned Bowen.  He is the author of two best selling books on Bowen and has taught thousands of students and is the creator of the comprehensive CBS Teacher Training Programme, the most thorough of its kind.
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We are very excited to announce a new global initiative for Bowen Therapists, that will take The Bowen Technique to a new level.

The Bowen Global Membership

Hosted under the banner of Touch, Move, Heal, this exciting new membership platform will host workshops, regular Bowen content, information, news and a chance to interact with Bowen therapists from around the world.

It will also host an enormous archive of material and content including past and future online workshops, Bowen specific dissection sessions and insights into Bowen from industry leaders.  Members will also get exclusive access and discounts to in person workshops and events.

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Online Bowen, a series of legacy training videos, marketing sessions and theory.

£97 for lifetime access

For all enquiries relating to Bowen, or to find a practitioner,

please email info@thebowentechnique.com

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