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Introductory Workshop

1 Day Workshop.

This one-day workshop is perfect for those considering training to become a Bowen Therapist, or wishing to learn some Bowen moves to benefit friends and family. It has provided many potential students with the confidence to embark upon their full practitioner training.

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Train in Bowen.

Are you thinking about training to become a Bowen Therapist ? You’re in the right place. The CBS has trained more than 4000 students, from every conceivable background, over the last 25 years. Click on the learn more button to see our upcoming training dates. If you have any questions, please feel free to phone or email and our helpful team will be delighted to help you.

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Master the Technique

Our CPD Workshops.

Whatever stage your Bowen career is at, we have a CPD workshop to suit you. We have created a clear training path for you after you qualify, ensuring that you can build on the skills you learned during your initial training. We have introduced a Business module to help you get your business started and we have also introduced a Module 6 Post Qualification Training (PQT) workshop. Click on the link for full workshop details, dates and to book online.

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Have any Questions?

Our administrators are on hand to assist you with any questions relating to training with The College of Bowen Studies and what to expect during your time with us.

The thing that I love about my job is when the person on my couch responds and they don’t even realise until they get up off the couch!

Tina Machell, Occupational Therapist

Day one inspired me to be grateful for such a gift from Tom Bowen. Each day I am enriched supporting people to feel healthy and happy.

Joanne Hewitt, Lecturer at University of Lincoln

I love having the amazing tool at my fingertips! I especially love being able to help my family with their aches and pains.

Liz Blythe, Practitioner at UWE

I love that I’ve never advertised Bowen – the people I’ve treated successfully are doing that job for me!

Lynora Kennedy

Watching clients come in with a physical complaint but watching their mood lighten with each session… walking in at weeks 2 and 3 with a grin and a spring in their step!

Mena Lee

When a 14 year old boy with asthma tells you they have ‘never been able to take a deep breath like that, ever’. Peak flow goes from average of 250 to just over 400 in 2 treatments.

Sally Mason

Bowen has given me the opportunity to learn the skills to transform people’s lives.

Joy Whitehead

Bowen has taken me on an amazing learning journey that has transformed my life.

Maria Nortcliffe

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Bowen Breaks by Julian Baker

Why leaving the room is important. Fundamental to the Bowen Technique are the breaks and for me there is no Bowen without the breaks; they are the thing that makes the difference to the client, the therapis and the therapy.  But why? First and [...]

Tuesday 17 November 2020|

Growing up with Bowen

It’s a strange thing to realise as an adult that the experiences you thought were perfectly normal growing up were in fact - not that normal. You mean all children aren’t covered in an apple cider vinegar soaked tea towel and cling film when [...]

Friday 28 August 2020|

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