Fascia Bowen Class
April 2024

For the professional study and practice of The Bowen Technique with Julian Baker since 1994

The Bowen was introduced to the UK by Julian Baker in 1994 and The European College of Bowen Studies, later the College of Bowen Studies, was founded in 1998 using the unique leaf and water logo that has always represented his profound, understanding and personal interpretation of Bowen.

The modular training design, manual content, formal teacher training and the incredibly high standards to which Bowen is known in the UK, together with the high profile that Bowen has achieved, have been the result of his life’s work for over thirty years.

Whilst layouts have undergone minor changes over the years the water droplet logo, synonymous as it has been for decades with the name ‘College of Bowen Studies,’ still remains at the very centre of Julian’s three decade long relationship with
The Bowen Technique that is still going strong.
No other teacher, college or organisation has the authority to use the logo or the name College of Bowen Studies and anyone doing so is deceiving the public and acting unlawfully.

Only where you see this name and logo can you be sure that your training and knowledge will be overseen and designed by Julian Baker, the most experienced Bowen teacher and practitioner in Europe.

Beware of imitations!

Online Bowen, a series of legacy training videos, marketing sessions and theory.

£97 for lifetime access

The College of Bowen Studies is delighted to announce a new membership programme that will offer extensive online and in person continuous training for Bowen therapists.

Additionally, Julian Baker will be offering a limited intake for training for existing manual therapy practitioners. If you are a qualified Osteopath, massage therapist, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or other qualified allied health professional, please email
info@thebowentechnique for further details.

Please note.

No College of Bowen Studies classes are authorised to be conducted by any other instructors other than Julian Baker.

Any certificate not signed by Julian Baker will not be valid. Accreditation for BTPA and FHT for Bowen is only valid for courses held by Julian Baker

For all enquiries relating to Bowen, or to find a practitioner,

please email info@thebowentechnique.com