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Many practitioners give their time freely and have invested their time and finance to treat family and friends without becoming a formalised clinic. Many see this as a new career or an extension of an existing career. If you have invested to build a respected and professional clinic it is important to see how this will look on paper to help you plan.

Total investment finance from January 2017 onwards.

Year one practitioner status.

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Once qualified....

Career in Bowen Graphic

It is important to invest in your marketing and Bowen business and allocate a “fund” for this purpose. Ensure that every action you take is professional and of a high standard for the public and their experience of the Bowen Technique.

CBS has created a wide range of marketing tools to help you build your business from professional leaflets, to clothing, banners, products to sell and many more. Please see our shop and Facebook for more details.

We also have an excellent, new 2 day workshop designed by successful Bowen Practitioners to direct you in building your business. This is an excellent addition to the curriculum and will save you months of hard work in research and action. All the tips, tricks and tools to grow your business carefully and successfully.

CBS has a highly skilled and qualified team of teachers / visiting lecturers to increase your hands on skills with the latest developments in anatomical theory, neurology and physiology. You can find a wide range of workshops to match your motivation and interest on the website.



Training in Bowen