The Members Area has information to help support existing and past students and active Bowen Practitioners both in their practice as well as with continuing professional development.

As with any relatively new subject, there is always more to learn. Undoubtedly questions will come up as you treat your clients with their varying presentations. As you gain experience, your understanding of the complexity of the body and its response to Bowen will develop.

We believe in the importance of ongoing practitioner learning and development. It ensures you can offer an improving and deepening service to your clients; it helps you with difficult cases and gives you greater job satisfaction; it enhances the reputation of Bowen as a significant and effective therapy option.

CBS has devised an excellent programme of progressive practitioner development courses for you. All our teachers have researched and compiled an outstanding progression of workshops designed for your growth as a Bowen Technique practitioner.

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For further development other courses are available; Identifying Flags in Complementary Health Care course has been designed by Michelle Watson and Julian Baker, specifically to help complementary therapists to identify certain situations where more information or further action is needed. The tutorial is available for £45.00 and you can find out more information clicking on the below button.

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Julian Baker has also been filming Bowen ‘masterclass’ videos for members of our register to access. Join the register for only £45 + VAT per year where you will be able to check that you are making your moves correctly. Need a refresher for the shoulder move? Check the video. Want to see how to work the TMJ? Check the video! Click on the below button for more details.

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