The College of Bowen Studies has been providing outstanding practitioner training for over 20 years in Europe. Our accessible courses allow students to explore this gentle and non-invasive, hands on technique in a fun, informative educational environment.

Over 4000 practitioners enjoy using Bowen in clinic either as a part time or full time career. Are you looking for a change of direction to help people become more comfortable in their bodies and increase their function and movement potential?

Or a qualified health professional motivated to investigate new ideas and potentials to help clientele.

Our fresh approach to the appreciating the anatomy of the human body and movement through gentle fascial therapeutic touch has been the reason for the popularity of the Bowen Technique. We have also made the training process very accessible financially, fitting neatly into busy lives supported by excellent tutors and office teams.

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Early theories of tissue elasticity, affects of adhesions, facilitation of anatomical structural sliding are starting to emerge, pain interpretation, helping us to describe “potentially” not definitively what a Bowen move is achieving when a therapist applies gentle stretch to the skin, underlying levels of fascia and the muscles embedded within the global architecture of the connective tissue system. “The body’s unique ability to restore form and maintain integrity is important , but it’s significance often goes unnoticed” ( Jean-Claude Guimberteau 2015 ).

A re-arrangement of soft tissue tensional relationships and the “re-mapping” within the human form can be discussed as the potential impact of Bowen to create improved movement and physical freedom, the neural “re-sets” in an over-driven autonomic system, re-hydration of restricted tissues can also be considered to be contributing to the client’s experience in a Bowen session. The only clear and honest statement we can make about the Bowen work is that it is “probably harmless”.

A Bowen session is multi-faceted, from building safety for the client and rapport on the out-set of initial communication on the phone to applying the gentle system of Bowen bodywork to the signature breaks in the session that add to the uniqueness of the work.

As Bowen practitioners the accuracy and the forgiveness applying the Bowen moves anatomically allow both the practitioner and client to be at optimum calmness, providing an environment to explore exactly how their body is responding to challenges in their life, environment, work and help to understand their stress patterns which can be reflected in their physiological presentations. Once we move to understanding and witnessing this in the human form the Bowen work can be more directed and results as stated by the clients themselves, observed.

At the centre of everything is the client, clinics grow exponentially when they have the chat at the golf club, the pub, at home and share their experience from a Bowen session.

Bowen Therapy - Solo Shoulder



In 1992 Julian Baker brought the Bowen Technique from Australia, he realised that the less work that’s was done, the more power it seemed to have on the body. As someone who had previously been an exponent of “put loads in and see what works”, this was a difficult result to come to terms with and difficult to convince the public with. After two big publicity breaks Bowen registered on the radar for people looking for avenues to help with function and pain related issues. Over the last 20 years a professional group of teachers and practitioners have been delivering and developing the work to move our understanding and progress for our clients. Julian now carries out the important work in the laboratory to teach therapists from all health backgrounds anatomy and physiology in it’s real form introducing ground breaking theories and understanding in this arena, making connections with the academic world of anatomical sciences and bringing his personality to the forefront to help fuse the research world together with therapists at the front of house with clients ( and is the assessor CBS.

Julian Baker Julian Baker



As we move forward in 2017 with Paula Esson leading CBS a 28 year career in sport science, sports coaching, Bowen Technique and NHS pain management services she intends to pro-actively bring Bowen further into the public eye as a first choice option for people looking for help with their bodies.

We are here to help all existing Bowen practitioners and new ones alike to reach their personal goals and help as many people as possible that are motivated to improve their lives. Paula and the teaching team explore neural science, anatomy and application to bring the most up to date, exciting and fun education program for qualified Bowen practitioners and new students of this fascinating fascial work.

Practitioners who hold the CBS Certificate of Proficiency in the Bowen Technique have attained a qualification of value that is highly respected and recognised by many professional organisations in the physical therapy sector. Renowned for exploration, investigation, curiosity and an intelligently humourous approach to the work.

Paula Esson Paula Esson